About Phoenix Life Coaching


From Me to You...

People are craving human contact that no screens can provide.  Food has become an obvious substitution for many to curb cravings or distract people from the actual needs they are experiencing emotionally and psychologically.


With this additional focus on diets now expected to address a whole plethora of issues, brings rise to further stressors such as nutritional deficiency and associated health problems.  We are literally working ourselves into the ground through worry and stress, trying to achieve happiness and an ideal health that seems unobtainable or unaffordable due to time or financial constraints.

I have lived through these challenges personally so I am able to work with my clients to bring self awareness to the forefront of their minds to have a very real conversation about what they actually need.   


I have devoted over 27 years to researching scientifically proven, naturally formulated health solutions and have been able to compliment my life coaching strategies with specific products that I can personally and professionally 

vouch for.  Products that have achieved 

balance within my life.

I have suffered with netball knees, constant aching shins, Eczema and then throw in Breast Cancer... So when people talk about uncomfortable and painful conditions I can relate.  I have received incredible benefits from using these products and I am grateful to be able to share my knowledge to help others achieve a better quality of life and optimal health and wellbeing